“$25 million cheaper than elsewhere…they delivered”
Larry Franco, line producer of White House Down

“I was so impressed by the professionalism of the technicians here, and the DOP’s, they are unbelievable. There cinema work which is very North American. At first we were considering Australia for this production, but Montreal was clearly the better choice.”
Juan Solanas, Director, Upside Down

“Immortals was the biggest budget project we ever produced. Québec virtually doubled its tax rebate, which is what allowed us to make this film.”
Ryan Kavanaugh, President, Relativity Media
2010-09-14 (on panel at the Film Finance Forum, NYC)

“Hans Fraikin and the Quebec Film & Television Council made a bold move a couple of years ago, joining forces with the Producers Guild of America as a major sponsor of events and activities. Since that time, our relationship has only taken on greater importance—never more so than this past weekend, when the Council hosted nearly 1,000 producers and entertainment company partners to close out Day One of our Produced By Conference with a vibrant wine tasting reception. The openness and accessibility of Hans and his team are nowhere more evident than the strong relationship they have developed with our PGA President Hawk Koch, who takes every opportunity to tout the tremendous Quebec locations and production services the Council facilitates. The Quebec Film & Television Council has become more than just a great resource for producers; they’re a true partner, and a cherished member of our Producers Guild family.”
Vance Van Petten, Executive Director, PGA

“It was a real pleasure working in Montreal. Everyone on the crew was professional, hard-working and, most importantly, a team-player. I wouldn't think twice about bringing a film back to Quebec...the film office was very supportive and helped us realize our vision.”
Hawk Koch Jr, Producer, Source Code

“It was a great experience shooting up there and I will highly recommend it to anyone who asks.”
Andi Isaacs, Head of Physical Production, Summit Entertainment, Warm Bodies

“Lionsgate’s decision to bring the series Blue Mountain State to Montreal could not have happened without the work of the Film Commission's support. We were able to secure Locations, Stage Space and Favorable Labor relations with its guidance.”
Gary Goodman, Lionsgate

“Montreal was the only city in North America that gave us the flexibility to double Paris, New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. The Quebec Film Office was very helpful getting us pictures of locations in advance, very generous in covering our hotel rooms so we could scope out the city, and was kind enough to set us up with a tour guide to see potential locations when we arrived.”
Jim Young, Producer animus/films, The Words

“I work with the best in the world and you’ve matched my expectations every step of the way. Thanks to you and your professionalism, we’ve been able to shoot exactly what we wanted here, within our timeframe and budget.”
Steven Spielberg, The Terminal

“I have produced films often - and happily - in Montreal, including a substantial part of the Disney feature "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen” starring Lindsay Lohan. For this film I was particularly impressed with the adaptability of local locations transposed into a Moscow setting.”
Jerry Leider, President of Warner Bros. Television

“I too want to extend my personal thanks for arranging an extraordinary location scout. You certainly made sure everything was handled to complete perfection. With my personal thanks”
Mark Scoon, Warner Bros.

“Goodbye, Montreal! I had such a great time - the sights, the food, the people - I think you might be my favorite city in Canada!”
Neil Patrick Harris ‏@ActuallyNPH

"So our business here is done — principle photography, anyway. It was a challenging schedule we had for this latest installment of RIDDICK – a scant 47 days – but we managed to get what we needed (and more), thanks to a skilled crew and a gifted and willing cast. I’m packing up now to return to L.A. after five months here, but the memories of Montreal are already piling up in my head in a way that I know will haunt me, happily, for years to come."
David Twohy, Director of Riddick

“Thank you again for being a great host and arranging a very productive location scout for us. Many of the locations we saw looked very promising and I wanted to commend you and your team for all your hard work. We know getting us those F1 tickets and access to the pits was quite a challenge, but again we appreciate all your help in getting us passes."
Chung An, Zaftig Films

“I cannot thank you enough for organizing the trip to Montreal for me. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and friendship. You were certainly the biggest part of making my Montreal experience extremely informative, fun and very memorable. By arranging the trip in such an efficient way, from the travel arrangements to the highly condensed and well put together itinerary, you managed to help me get a very good sense of the visual effects community in and around Montreal, as well as some of the other aspects of the Montreal film business (BNC, Mel's, etc).
The bottom line, from the work perspective, I have returned from this trip with a much more defined view, a very positive one, of the visual effects community in Montreal. I have a better understanding of the various companies, their capabilities and the personalities within them. This will certainly help me in determining what work we can potentially send up there in the future. Please convey all this to your superior(s), as I believe the trip was one of the most useful and well organized that I have experienced. Please stay in touch and let me know when you are in town, as you should certainly pop in to the studio.”
Arnon Manor, Sony
2012-04-03 (VFX Tour)

“First, thank you so much for extending the invitation to the Cirque du Soleil Ovo production to myself and other Disney executives. Not only was the production phenomenal but it did give us a chance to discuss future business. In addition, I continue to get many questions regarding all that Quebec has to offer from physical production to VFX.  So, I look forward to seeing you at AFCI and continuing our very successful business partnership.”
Mary Ann Hughes, Vice-Presidente, Film and Television Production Planning, Disney
2012-06-04 (VFX FAM Tour)

“Thank you so very much for the gracious invitation to Montreal. I had a terrific time and met many vendors I would love to work with on upcoming projects. 
Your team is top notch and a pleasure to know.”
Ruth Hauer, VFX Associate Production Executive Disney
2012-02-27 (VFX FAM TOUR)

“I wanted to take a moment to thank you for making the Montreal Fam tour happen. The trip was very helpful to me in my work at Warner Bros. Pictures Visual Effects.  Quebec and Montreal have been a subject of conversation when developing some of our recent projects and my knowledge of the resources have helped keep you in recent budget scenarios. This is an invaluable place to be if a project goes forward into production. I look forward to working with the facilities that I did not know very well as well as the ones I had a track record with before my tour. I encourage you to reach out to other film makers and keep the program alive. It is my view that it will pay you back immensely in the future. I would also like to say that your locations team was extremely professional and helpful.”
Chris B. Schnitzer Director of Visual Effects Warner Bros. Pictures
2012-05-02 (VFX FAM Tour)

“I was so impressed by the professionalism of the technicians here, and the DOP’s, they are unbelievable. There cinema work which is very North American. At first we were considering Australia for this production, but Montreal was clearly the better choice.”
Juan Solanas, Director, Upside Down

“Montreal is such a beautiful city. Being in Old Montreal, you can walk around; it’s like being in New York where you can really just enjoy it. There’s people and horses everywhere, everybody’s really nice.”
Julia Roberts, Mirror Mirror
2012-03-28 (District V)

“We love it here; it’s like Paris. It feels warmer than Paris, and I’m not talking about the temperature. It’s more gracious and you have the best of the old and the new world.”
Kathie Lee Gifford, The Today Show
2011-07-14 (Gazette)

“Montreal is such a lovely City, so ancient…it is truly magnificent. Everyone is so kind, even the paparazzi are nice!”
Olivia Wilde (Tron: Legacy, House), Blackbird
2011-04-23 (QMI agency)

“We chose Quebec primarily because of the technical expertise of the local crews. Montreal is one of those rare cities in the world able to host four or five Feature shoots at once. That’s no small feat”.
Gary Levinsohn (Mutual), producer, Blackbird
2011-04-23 (QMI agency)

“Montreal is an incredible, beautiful city which I dream about. An incredible place in a great nation, Canada. And I salute the great nation of Canada.”
Paul Giamatti, Barney’s Version

 “I’ve already worked in Montreal, not as a director but as an actor, and there are some ideal locations for shooting. The crews and the local actors are wonderful. On top of that, the fiscal incentives are really interesting.”
Dolph Lundgren, Skin Trade
10-08-13 (QMI agency)

“One of my favourite cities, Montreal, has been named as the top host city in North America for international associative events in the 2009 International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) rankings.”
Chris Ryall, The Ryall Report

“I appreciate most of all the concerts and restaurants in Montreal.”
Kirsten Dunst, Upside Down
10-05-11 (La Presse)

“Montreal has world-class cinematographers & editors…good production designers such as Claude Paré and Paul Osterbey.”
Jeremy Bolt, Death Race

“I love Montreal. I wish the whole film was filmed here.”
Will Ferrell, Blades of Glory (in a interview in Los Angeles – reported in Le Journal de Montréal)