Industry in numbers

The QFTC compiles industry statistics each year to measure the growth of business volume and employment.



Production Volume


Number of

450 000

Shooting locations
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our photo library 

+ 63 000

Direct and indirect jobs 

+ 2,5 billion $

Of direct expenses made in Quebec


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Annual local impact figures 

Our publications

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Annual Report 2020-2021
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Survey COVID-19 - Live Action - UPDATE JUNE
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Impact Assessment: Increasing Infrastructure Capacity
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Survey COVID-19 - Live Action
Survey COVID-19 – VFX-Animation
Survey COVID-19 - VFX-Animation

Our services

Live-action Comittee

The QFTC brings together its members specialized in production services within a committee dedicated to the sector, in order to work together to identify priority issues and develop concrete projects to address them. If you are interested in participating in this committee, contact us to find out more.

QFTC National Photo Library

Browse the photos of locations by category and find the one that will best suit your project. 

Studies and lobby

Through the Audiovisual Cluster Members of the QAB are brought together to discuss the issues and business needs of the Quebec audiovisual industry. Discussions and lobbying activities are carried out by the bctq team with government authorities ON ISSUES such as the increase of infrastructures and the added value of the audiovisual industry in Quebec, incentives for regional shooting, etc.


The Office offers its members networking opportunities through its various activities throughout the year: committees and meetings, conferences and activities, professional events, etc. It also promotes collaboration among its members by identifying opportunities and facilitating the creation of business links.

Sector Priorities

In collaboration with its members, the QFTC develops various initiatives to attract, train and support talent by promoting diversity, inclusion and well-being at work.

Infrastructure growth

The QFTC collaborates with Synthèse, educational institutions and research centers to develop the skills of our talent and foster innovation. Are you an educational institution in the sector? 

Contact us to join our initiatives.

Innovation / Virtual production

The office’s team makes regular representations to the federal and provincial governments in order to find common solutions to the growing need for manpower in visual effects and animation in Quebec.

Business intelligence and representation

The QFTC acts as a representative of the production services industry with government authorities in order to share its needs and issues with the stakeholders. The office conducts studies and compiles statistical data to inform the government and its members. It also ensures that it identifies promising measures for the sector’s growth and works in concert with institutions and companies to implement them.


The QFTC also carries out sector promotion activities for the trades and professions of the audiovisual industry. 

Rattling of the industry

On June 7th and 8th, the QFTC organized the C.A.F.É. event. A gathering event for visual effects and animation professionals, where they meet their community, exchange on the latest innovations and share their knowledge through a warm experience.

Workforce - Training-job matching

At the request of the Live-Action and VFX & Animation committees, a consultation table was created, bringing together all the key players in the industry to identify the needs, issues and priority avenues for workforce growth. No less than 5 axes have been established for this project, including: a diagnosis of labour needs, the Training-Employment balance, the promotion and outreach of trades, the attraction and retention of labour, and finally immigration.

Contact us to learn more about these committees. 


The objective of the Rolling Green program is to facilitate the adoption of environmentally responsible actions during audiovisual productions. 

Any production, regardless of its size or type, will be able to take advantage of the courses of action and references offered to reduce its impact on the environment.
The Rolling Green program is free and accessible to all!