Montreal, March 4th, 2019 – The QFTC invited four North-American production and music supervision presidents and vice-presidents for a first visit promoting the Quebec offer for Music Scoring for international movies and TV series. Composers, musicians, sound engineers and technicians presented Quebec’s service offering in their respective area. Several rooms and recording studios were visited, including the Montreal Symphony House during a rehearsal of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra led by Maestro Kent Nagano.

Jennifer Price, L.A. Representative; Michael Perlmutter; Pascale Guindon, Coordinator, Film Commission Services;  Brad Haehnel; 
Kim Seiniger and Sean Mulligan at the Montreal Symphony House.

The guests were:

“Quebec is a fertile ground for music scoring. We have world-class composers, musicians and technicians, and industry decision-makers need to be made aware of this,” stated Pierre Moreau, CEO of the QFTC. “We are confident that concrete projects will come out of this visit.”

Chanelle Routhier, Film & TV Commissioner, Province of Quebec; Michael Perlmutter; Jennifer Price, L.A. Representative, QFTC;
Brad Haehnel; Kim Seiniger, Sean Mulligan et Pascale Guindon, Coordinator, Film Commission Services, QFTC.

This initiative is part of SODEC’s program to support companies specialized in production and recording of musical soundtracks, created jointly with members of the musical community who work on the development of this very specific industry segment. This is one of the ways SODEC contributes to the national and international recognition of Quebec artists, composers and music companies.
Eligible projects for the SODEC program involve the creation and production of musical soundtracks produced and recorded entirely in Quebec, with Quebec artists. This program is mainly geared towards film and TV productions, as well as video games.

A dozen Quebec composers took part in a networking breakfast at Hotel Nelligan during which they met the four Music Scoring Tour’s guests

About the QFTC

Created in 2006, the QFTC is a non-profit organization that contributes to the development and competitiveness of Québec, as a world-class centre for multi-screen production. As an economic development agency, its mission is to generate investment within the Québec region, with the support of competitive fiscal incentive programs, the expertise of network members, architectural diversity, high-quality infrastructure, and the industry’s capacity to export products to foreign markets.
The QFTC receives the support of its partners: Air Canada, National Bank of Canada, BFL Canada, ComediHa!, Corporate Stays, Demers Beaulne, Difuze, Fairmont Hotels, Front Row Insurance Brokers, Hôtel Gault/Monville, MELS, Miller Thomson, PwC, Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton, Rodeo FX, Smart&Biggar, William Gray Hotel, YPR and Zone3, as well as of federal, provincial and municipal governments. For more information:
Frédéric Bourgeois-LeBlanc
Account Manager | YPR Canada
Tel.: (514) 318-7071

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