Second Canadian Film Commission Summit whets appetite 
for stronger communication & collaboration across Canada, teasing formation of nation-wide coalition

June 11th, 2019 – (Vancouver, B.C.)– On May 31,film commissioners representing multiple levels of government across Canada gathered in Vancouver to assess the feasibility of a nationwide film commission network. Hosted by the Vancouver Economic Commission (VEC) in partnership with the Quebec Film and Television Council (QFTC), the summit underscored the widespread demand by Canadian film offices to build and strengthen a supportive network for film commissions across the country.15 attendees travelling from Alberta, Ontario, Northwest Territories, Quebec, Yukon and other regions of British Columbia probed at a wide variety of industry needs while identifying potential initiatives to take the field forward. They called for more inclusive, consistent communication and collaboration to pool knowledge and the best practices.

“Film commissioners do highly specialized work in a highly specialized field,” said Chanelle Routhier, Film & TV Commissioner of the Quebec Film & Television Council. “Although many film commissions are set up differently, we have many objectives and challenges in common. One of our shared goals is to ensure the quest to generate more stories – and IP – is well-supported by strong film infrastructure ranging from experienced crews, ample studio space, and high-impact investments.”

Recent years saw a global increase in filming activity, driven by the rise of new content distribution channels and audience demand. As home to some of the world’s most prominent film locations, Canada has been well-positioned to capture widespread benefits from elevated production levels. Today, the Canadian film and TV production industry is a major contributor to the national economy, generating an estimated $9 billion in industry spend and supporting approximately 200,000 full-time equivalent jobs – numbers widely suspected to be conservative. Last year, VEC used audited insurance datasets to calculate $3.8 billion in industry spending in B.C. alone. The desire to share a new, reliable research method – easily replicable across other provinces – motivated VEC and QFTC to reach out to other film commissions across the country.

“It’s obviously difficult to build consensus on what an inclusive network could accomplish, and how to do so, because we need to respect a massive range of needs across jurisdictions,” said David Shepheard, Director of the Vancouver Film Commission at VEC. “There are things we can’t achieve on our own that we can work on collectively, including standardized research methods across jurisdictions, asset libraries to market Canadian film destinations abroad, and voicing industry needs and concerns to policymakers.”

This recent summit was the second of three gatherings made possible by a grant from Secrétariat du Québec aux relations canadiennes. The first meeting took place in Gatineau, Quebec, on January 29, and the third is scheduled to coincide with the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) in September. During the final summit, delegates will review the slate of initiatives proposed since January and deliberate on formalizing the network and models of governance.

Film Commissions and Offices present on May 31, 2019:

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